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What we do

🔒 Innovation in Blockchain

We are experts in Blockchain application development, crafting innovative and secure solutions that drive the technological revolution.

🛡️ Protecting your Assets

We specialize in strengthening your digital assets against evolving threats, implementing cutting-edge security protocols to keep your systems and data safe.

🚀 Shaping the Future

With diverse expertise in JavaScript, TypeScript, and more, we lead innovation in Web3, HTMX, and Svelte to take your projects to the next level.

We focus on


Our experience in technologies like JavaScript and TypeScript allows us to offer innovative solutions for the financial industry.

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We work in collaboration with legal professionals to develop applications that simplify processes and optimize case management.

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We explore technologies like Web3 to enhance healthcare and patient health tracking in collaboration with healthcare professionals.

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Our projects


A patient and clinical records manager, with the assistance of AI to automate your tasks effectively

Secret Diary

Create an user and start register your deepest thoughts, but using only your ETH address. No personal information in our systems

Finance Manager

Demo project with user's transactions, using GPT to create custom queries in natural language